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Question for anyone who has taken biol 235 through Athabasca University. Can anyone shed some details about study tips for midterm 2 (Chapters 11-18). I asked the professor if Orion was a good study guide and the professor has never seen it or used Orion. So far I've over gone over each chapter and tried to remember and understand it. I'm wondering if there are more effective ways to retain the content.

Thanks so much I'm advance.

I finished up BIOL 235 last month, so hopefully this helps.

As I was reading the chapters, I followed the posted "study guides" for each chapter. I literally went down the list of key words and "need to know" concepts. I read everything, but took notes only on the topics listed. When it came to studying, I made sure I could answer all of the listed concepts at the beginning of the study guides. Meaning, the portion under "after you read this chapter you should be able to...."

And then went through my own notes, following the study guides along.

I used Orion for the first midterm, but found there is a lot more detail than you actually need to know for the exams. I did just as well on the other two exams without Orion. It couldn't hurt to use, but it goes into WAY more detail and covers many more topics than are on the exam.

I also printed out some "fill in the blanks" pages from the internet to help memorize bones and muscles, etc.

Overall, I found the Study Guides posted in the course for each chapter very helpful. As for retaining content, I just read, re-read, took notes, etc... but I don't really have any tips there.

Good luck!!

Thank you, that actually really helped. I'm a few days away from midterm two and I'm very anxious. I used Orion for the first test, but I'm noticing it's not quite the questions on our objective sheets so I stoped using it. Is there certain chapters it focuses more on as there is only 8 chapters? Just by the amount of content of the hormones, I'm thinking that would be where a few more questions would come from. Also I've heard it's more in depth then the first section, as they go into small detail.

Thanks again for your response truly appreciated.

I honestly found it pretty even across all the chapters. Ones that I thought would be more in depth weren't really. Like they probably just equally divide it out.

I also didn't find that it went into more detail necessarily. I found the final the most difficult just as there are more chapters and a lot more questions. Second midterm was pretty similar in difficulty to the first when I wrote it.

I'm looking to take Bio 235 at some point. I won't be in a rush doing it as I have 3 small kids and I'm not going to be applying for a nursing program for a few years. I'm wondering how the course finished up for you? How was your grade? Tips and tricks you could offer etc? Ive already taken anatomy and physiology but it was 7 years ago during my undergrad. I need to upgrade it as well as statistics to apply to an accelerated nursing program. Thanks in advance

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