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Bio Placement Exam

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HI! I have to take the Biology Placement exam on Monday which is required to take A&P. Can anyone tell me where I can find a study guide or practice test for this? I can not find anything. They said it is pretty basic stuff, and is only 36 multiple choice questions. It is basically a Bio 101 test. I have the book, but I cant get through a 400 page book and have it memorized by Monday. I just decided less than a month ago to go back to school, so that is why I only have a short period of time. I took the Compass on Wednesday and did really well on it and Monday I am scheduled for the Net and Bio. I feel confident about the Net, just not the BIo (been out of school for 10 years). I just need to know what areas I should study. I would appreciate any help!




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I dont know if they are all the same in each state, but I took one in AZ and it was a 100 questions. It was a lot about prokaryotes and eukaryotes. DNA, and quite a few chem like questions.

Our local community college requires a Biology placement exam for Anatomy too (and a Chemistry exam for Physiology). They provide an online self-prep for the Biology exam. It provides an overview of the material and then Activities and Self-Tests to check your comprehension. Maybe something like that would help?

You can find it here:


You might also ask if your school has an outline of the placement exam topics. That way you could ensure that you were reviewing topics relevant to your specific exam.

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Thanks so much! That helps out alot!

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