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Biggest Flu Clinic To Date... What was I thinking?!



Last spring I was feeling pretty froggy and scheduled a flu shot clinic with our local health department. I've run numerous vaccination clinics here at the school with middle-school age children, and small flu shot clinics with my previous employer.

But now I have a flu shot clinic coming up in just over a month with a target audience of 1150 kids ranging from K through 8th. I am sending out consents next week.

Has anyone had experience running a flu shot clinic with the littlest kids? There will be so much crying and panicking... How did you get through it? How did you avoid mutiny? I'm in semi-panic mode just thinking about trying to get a needle into a kindergartner.

The easy solution is to not offer the service. But so many of these kiddos won't get the care unless we do it in-school and our absences last year related to influenza were high.


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I would probably work with public health to do this. We offer flu shots to staff only. I thought this was an interesting article 400 Bad Request

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I have been too busy with beginning of the year documentation/general nuttiness to get back to Allnurses in recent days...

I will be giving my contact a call. I do have rooms in all 3 buildings reserved for the day, and a local pharmacist is coming in an hour before school starts to vaccinate staff- I only have to do some minimal traffic direction there.

Starting to get consents back from parents now. Less than a month. EEK!