Beware of Axis Healthcare Staffing


Hello, everyone. Let me start this by saying I am currently on my first assignment (very close to the end) and while it has been a great working experience, it has also been a learning experience. Learning to deal with the agency, that is. I guess I got a bit ahead of myself when I signed my first contract, but I just told myself "If I get this first assignment under my belt......". I agreed to 35/hr and when I got my contract I was a bit shocked to see I was being placed on the tax advantage program. Ok, I told myself, that does cut into the pay, but the money was still pretty good. Now, I am in my 12th week of a 13 week contract and Axis has progressively increased the weekly deduction to where it is above the amounts specified in my contract. My contract states the deductions will be between 325 and 350. The last 2 weeks deduction was 379. They don't seem to hear me when I ask for copies of where the deductions go. My husband (travels with me) and I have seriously thought about packing it in on this contract because we feel like they have breached by increasing the deductions. My Axis recruiter (a new one because the old is "no longer with the company") has called several times to talk about my next assignment and continues to do so even though I have told her I would not be pursuing another contract through Axis. Looking back, I chalk this up to a learning experience. The knowledge I have gained from dealing with this contract and from other travelers where I work (there were none around at home) is invaluable. I guess the best advice I can give someone is to slow down, don't be in a rush. There is always another company or contract. ;)

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