Better eating habits with 12h shifts vs M-F

Nurses Stress 101


I’ve been a bedside nurse going on 2 years now, doing 3-4 12s a week and I’ve noticed that my eating habit is over the edge. During my 12 hours shift, I eat as fast as I can while on break and I stay snacking whenever I get a chance from all the junk foods provided in our break room. When I get home ( typically 8pm or so) I would binge endlessly from take out, and it’s become a habit that I’ve conditioned myself to do. stress eating occurs every time  I am at work. Later this month I will be switching to an outpatient M-F work, and just curious, but anyone with experience in this area feel like their lifestyle and eating habit is in better control? I feel like maybe working more normal hours will allow me to have a more structured lifestyle/ diet. 

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