Beth Israel ADN program question...


Question about Beth Israel Nursing program that I hope some can help me with...

According to the website ATOP and Evening tracks are open only to those who have completed the liberal arts and science co-requisites.

Being that these are not offered in the Evening and ATOP tracks, where can I get these 8 classes fulfilled? I assume most get these out of the way at their community college prior to applying, right?

If so, let's say I take these classes this Summer/Fall and pass will a 4.0 GPA (and ace the PAX exam) there's still a chance that I wont get accepted to the program once I apply in March 2013, right?

I already have a non-nursing degree that is over 10 years old so I'm pretty certain I will need to take the prereqs again(which I dont mind) but I just want confirmation that my taking these classes again may prove pointless.

Whereas if I apply for the traditional track i will get either accepted or rejected without having taken the prereqs yet.

So with that said it would seem more logical to apply for the Traditional track that has the liberals arts and science courses offered through Best Israel. Isn't this more or less the case?

your two cents is appreciated!


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Hi Respol, hope you're still active. Which track did you end up applying to??