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I am a student and one of my instructors informed me of the best way to do travel nursing as this is what I want to do. She stated that after I get my ASN , to continue working for my employer of which I will get before graduating. Then agree to continue for two years under contract with the employer under the stipulation that they allow you the necessary time off to continue for my BSN. Perhaps even negotiating tuition reimbursement for those two years. When I receive my BSN, I can pretty much write my own ticket to ANY travel postion out there with a full education to boot!

What do you guys feel about this advice?

I'm quite impressed.


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All you need is experience to be a travel nurse, the more the better, and you should have other skills as well, ie; flexibility, adaptable, quick learner, self-motivated, etc etc, anybody with experience can get a travel job pretty much, regardless of ASN, BSN, LPN, diploma, etc.


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Shelly is correct! You do not need any special "degree" or "diploma" to do travel nursing. All you need is RN behind your name, at least 1 years experience (though, in my opinion, more is much better), and the willingness to travel. Being flexible, a quick learner, adaptable, and the lust for adventure and new things: that is almost a requirement now too!!!

Travel nursing, I think, is the best of 2 worlds: you always have a job (there is a nursing shortage, right? It may not necessarily be exactly where you want to go, but usually pretty close!) and you get to travel to places you have never seen before!!!

Good luck to you in school!


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I personally would never sign 2 years of my life away to a hospital because even though you sign and have to stay for the time doesn't mean they have to accommodate your needs. Get 1 year of experience in whatever it is you want to do then look for the travel company if that is what you want to do. Right now the market is good. Who knows what the future holds, so why put off what you want to do?

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