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Best Textbooks


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I lend a hand as a casual clinical instructor with our hospital's SON. I sit on the student resources committee and one of our responsibilities is to make sure our textbooks are essentially the best on the market. I would like some opinions from nursing students, nurses, and faculty on some of the best textbooks. Specifically, we are looking for textbooks in the following areas:


-nursing process/care planning

-drug handbook

-lab & diagnostic studies handbook


Thank you so much for your assistance!


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Potter & Perry fundamentals is pretty comprehensive and (my version anyway, one behind the latest) includes detailed info on nursing process. They also have a clinical skills guide that local units often stock as reference.

Brunner & Suddarth's Med-Surg is also good and when you buy the book you can access the text online, which is great, because it weighs about 40 lbs...

I have a preference for the Davis drug guide but I think there are a lot of opinions on that one. Lippincott or Mosby are also pretty good.

My ABSOLUTE favorite care plan book is one I found with a great rating on Amazon - Gulanick & Myers.

Hope that helps. :)

NOT craven fundamentals. it's terrible !