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best state for lpn

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hello to all looking for help, I live in Illinois and am looking to move.I want to work in a good state that has good wage,but also, some where that has the other things to.Like cost of living,taxes,plenty of jobs, I guess the important things what the state is like i want to be warm and i am getting divorced and want to make a really make the best choice.I have been looking at sites and they all seem to have such different information on everything.I have looked at TX,Az,Nevada,North Carolina.Any and all input would be awesome thank you to all who help out.I am a Lpn at this time.

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I think that towns that are less urban would need more LVN's, as there are fewer nurses in the market to pull from. For instance, around Houston or Dallas are many smaller towns. You might consider a headhunter. They can drive you crazy wanting to place you so they can be paid, but hey! That is to your advantage too. Good luck in your quest