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Hello everyone!

I currently live in Dallas and am planning on moving to either Seattle or Chicago in a year or two. So I'm trying to plan out the pre-reqs I can knock out while I'm living here before I move.. it gets tricky, each school is a little different. It's a little overwhelming trying to find the best school when you're not from the area also. I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction of which schools have good RN programs in the area? I really appreciate any and all feedback!


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It depends where you're at and how far you're willing to travel.. I never go south of Seattle so as far as schools north of sea go...

Seattle Central (downtown)

North Seattle (7 - 10 freeway minutes north)

Shoreline CC (12 - 15 freeway minutes north)

Edmonds CC (17 - 20 freeway minutes north)

Everett CC (35 freeway minutes north)

These are just my guestimates on travel times... they're the schools I'm most familiar with...

The general prereqs are almost always:







Additionally, if its for an RN program or you're planning on getting your RN, you'll most likely need MICROBIOLOGY

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.


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What about Bellevue? I've seen it mentioned a lot on here.

I was comparing pre-reqs and tuition at most of the schools you mentioned. Why is Shoreline so much more expensive? Is it really the "best"?

As far as a commute, I hate driving, but if its necessary than I'll do it. As far as location, Central Seattle and Bellevue are ideal. But the quality of education is important..

What's the average length if time students usually have to wait before they get into a program in Washington?


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Also, Seattle has won the battle against Chicago. :)

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Here are the requirements for Bellevue College: Of course each college has slightly different requirements :icon_roll

Bellevue doesn't have a waiting list; if you don't get in you have to re-apply. One application is considered for both fall and winter starts, so you only have to apply once for both. They are also starting a part-time program. Admission is mostly based on your TEAS test score, and then GPA to break a tie. I think prerequisite credits completed also comes into play, but all that should be on the website.

Good Luck!