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I recently returned to working on a orthopedic and med surg floor. I now have to carry much more with me than I'm used to. This includes a spectra-link phone and a walkie talkie (because we can't get our phones to work right), as well as my personal phone. My current scrub pants are Cherokee workwear and it seems to weigh them down too much. I don't like having them in my scrub top pockets, so I'm looking for suggestions for bottoms or any other ideas about the best way to carry everything. Thanks 


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When I worked med surg I placed my phone In the "Wow" cart as it went every where with me. When I needed to use the phone to call a doctor I just took it out of the cart an d made my call. A fanny pack , small compact could help you if you don't mind carrying around all those devices so close to your body. 

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