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Best School

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Hi, I just found this forum today and am really excited about it! I live in Boston and I'm looking to start school for nursing and I'm wondering what is the best school around Boston to go to? There are so many that I'm a little over-whelmed! I'm also looking for the best value as well. Most of the schools I've been looking at (Emerson, Simmons, etc) are around $20K a year, but Bunker Hill is only $10k for the AA. Would it be just as good of an education to get my AA at Bunker and then finish my BS at one of the other schools? Right now I'm still considered 'Dependant' :angryfire and can't get very much Financial Aid.

Any other advice about what I should do while looking for a school or what to do before starting would be greatly appreciated!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.