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Best route to RNFA? OR or school?


Has 3 years experience.

I’ve been an ICU nurse for almost 3 years now and am looking to transition into the OR. I started in the ICU as a new grad but was always thinking about furthering my education. Being in the ICU, the obvious choice was CRNA school, but after much contemplating I decided it wasn’t for me. I’ve always thought surgery was really interesting, particularly orthopedics. I currently have an opportunity for an OR position in an orthopedic facility, but am doubting whether this is the right move. My ultimate goal would be to become an NP doing both RNFA while also seeing patients in clinics etc. So my question is should I just go straight to NP school and figure out a way into orthopedics/surgery or work in the OR to gain experience/connections?


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This may or may not help.

As far as I know RNFA's need to be certified in the OR (CNOR). to be certified in the OR you of course need hours in the OR. You might want to look into this a bit more... it might help sway you one way over the other