Best program for a working young adult to get her licensure in Los Angeles?


hi there. been lurking in this forum for a while to determine if i wanted to become a nurse at all (this is in addition to both of my parents being nurses over 40 years to greatly influence my decision both positively and negatively and has cast both doubt and confidence in my decision). but more to the point, i need to decide what direction to take but i need help. my mother is not supportive and my father is a gnp in texas so neither can offer me too much wisdom to the specifics i need to know about how to reach my goals. i'll be meeting with the nursing counselor at my community college soon to help me but i would like some wide-spread advice from working nurses in los angeles who might know about or been in my situation enough to offer solid advice.

current situation: living with my boyfriend. we both work in sales. i currently have a part-time and he has a full-time. he is currently almost done taking his prereqs so he can transfer and begin his education to become a nutritionist. i'm not completely certain if i will be able to continue working part-time or i will have to switch to full time to keep up with expenses. i think it's likely i will be able to stay part-time.

what i know: going to begin basic prereqs at my community college's online school. i want to probably work in either psych, icu, and/or er. obviously, the more knowledge and experience i gain will let more know more about what i will enjoy the most and be best at.

goals: eventually to get my msn and perhaps a phd in order to take a leadership position in the nursing community at some level.

based on this information, here are important questions i have:

1) what school, in the los angeles area, is most flexible schedule-wise yet has a good reputation to transfer to from my community college?

2) when i transfer, should i plan to transfer immediately to a bsn program or first do an asn program then work from there?

pros and cons to your answers are appreciated.