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Best Places To Take Nursing Prerequisites Online?

pgabeach pgabeach (New) New Pre-Student

Hi Everyone,

I am prospective student currently researching accelerated BSN programs. I live in the Jacksonville area. I am 9 years removed from my Bachelors so I need to complete the prereqs and I wanted to ask for recommendations on the best places to efficiently (and low cost) get these courses done. I am a mom so I am looking for online courses only. Secondly, has anyone heard of/used the online general ed course platform Straighterline? Thank you!

FSCJ has amazing online courses! and it is extremely affordable

Thanks! I've looked all over the website and I cannot find a list on single online courses offered. I just see info about programs. Do you recall have you found the courses offered and registered?

Well I do know that all classes are online for the first two sections of Summer courses. I'm pretty sure that the only course that generally isn't offered online is Microbiology but everything else you should be fine to find an online class for.