best places for newly refreshed nurse


Hi, I'm working on reinstating a nursing license that has been inactive for 8 years now. I never felt ready (or desired to) work in a hospital setting. When I was a LPN I worked in nursing homes and the stress was horrible. When i was an RN I worked in hospice care ..a hospice hired me as a new grad .

But once I get my license back I'm interested in going a different direction..possibly BSN or further but I would need a job first to help finance further education.

I've been interested in dermatology and skin care, and I understand some plastic surgeons will hire nurses to do esthetic type treatments, microdermabrasion, botox injections, etc. As part of the reinstatement of my license I will be required to fulfill 160 clinical hours and I was interested in talking with surgeons or the recruiter at a skin center if they would consider allowing me to fulfill clinical hours then train for a position.

Does anyone else do this and how has your experience been? I'm posting in new grad section since I've been inactive for some time. Thanks!

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