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Best phone apps?


Has 5 years experience.

Just started working full time as a home health nurse.  Please share with me your favorite apps you couldn't live without and help you organize your day/week/life.

Specifically, what app do you use for your GPS between pts?  Is there an app that logs your travel time and mileage for you?  What do you use to keep your pts organized throughout the week?

I'm a big fan of techy stuff.. not a big fan of writing everything down on paper, because it'll just get lost in my car anyway!!

Thanks in advance!

MILE IQ-This is a program that is part of MS office suite and if you subscribe any and all parts  can be added to your smart phone, android or ios. You can get it without office suite.  It tracks EVERYTHING, exact times and mileage EVERY stop. Even using HCHB program which tracks miles,  this acts as a backup when the tablet doesn’t work, getting mileage for lab transport or I forget to sign in when I walk in the door. You can get a reports sent to your email and classify drives, which I never do.