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Best online FNP programs?

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Hello, everyone! I am a practicing registered nurse in New Jersey I have been working in acute care cardiology for 3 years now. I graduated with my RN from a local community college and then continued on for my bachelors degree which I have finally obtained in January 2018 from Rutgers University.

I have decided to go back for my Masters in Nursing with the hopes of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner and am looking for a reputable school to begin my FNP. I have been doing some research into schools, and have had my eye on a few. However, it has been difficult because I work full time and am unable to take a cut in hours, so online programs would best suit my schedule. Unfortunately, many do not offer 100% online. I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for online programs, or programs in NJ that require minimal on campus time and that they have had good experiences with! Any and all reviews are welcome!

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