Best Nurse Liability Insurance (NSO vs. Proliability)

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Hi, I was wondering which coverage you choose for yourself as a Nurse in the field. In nursing school they made us use NSO, never had to use it (thank god), but I see that there is another company many standby which is Proliability. I recently just got offered a job at my local hospital and am needing to pick a coverage soon before the end of this month because that is when I start as a New-Grad :)

I saw some old threads from 2015, but I am just curious what every one thinks now that we are in 2018, a lot can change in 3 years ;)

I would like to know what company you use, why you stand by it, and if you've ever had to use it - did you have a good experience where there customer service and services in general were what you expected.

I obvious hope to never use it ever, but you never know (as scary as it sounds)!

Thank you!


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