Best hospital systems to work for in the San Diego area??

U.S.A. California


I'm looking to possibly move to San Diego and I want to work for a good hospital system with good pay and benefits. Any suggestions? Also I have bee an RN for 13 years.

Specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

Kaiser is the gold standard when it comes to salary and benefits. And they're also all over the place. The problem is that getting into Fort Knox is easier than breaking into Kaiser. Plus they'll make you work really hard for the money and bennies. But they do compensate you really well.

UCSD also has great pay and benefits.

Scripps also pays well. Scripps is also one of the few organizations that, last time I checked, isn't unionized...whether that's a positive or a negative is up to you.

Sharp has several hospitals in the area and lots of outpatient services. Compared to the larger hospital organizations, Sharp doesn't pay quite as much. But still better than a lot of other places.

There's also Palomar, Paradise Valley/Bayview, Naval Medical Center San Diego, Alavarado/API, Rady's Children's Hospital, Aurora, Kindred, the VA...

Are you looking for any specialty in particular?

I've done neuro for several years so I think thats where I will stay.

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