Best Community Colleges in East Bay for Prerequisites?


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I am new to this site and am looking for advice on what community colleges in the east bay (San Francisco east bay :) )provide the best prerequisite program for nursing students? I am looking to do the accelerated bachelor's program at . I have registered at Diablo Valley for the summer semester and the classes are filling so quickly I doubt there will be any classes left by the time my registration date comes up a month from now. Are there any schools with good reputations that aren't as impacted as DVC?

Thank you in advance!!!!


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I highly recommend Contra Costa College. DVC is its sister school. The BioSci faculty is, for the most part, quite wonderful and supportive. You will have a prereq course to do, which you could do in the summer, called BioSc-106, which is a lab techniques, etc., class. If you have a strong science background, you could take the challenge exam, but there is absolutely no way to sweet talk your way out of this 0.5 credit course. The crowding situation is probably equal to DVC, but I cannot praise this department enough.


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Thank you for the information! Do you know if I could take BioSc-110 instead of 106 so I could get more units? I have been out of college for years and I haven't taken Bio since high school so the more info the better!

I have never even heard of Contra Costa college, but after looking at their website it does look like it will be a better fit for prereqs than DVC since they have their own nursing program. Thanks again! :)


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I live in walnut creek and was just accepted for SMU ABSN Oakland. I took anatomy and physio at Alameda CC, took micro at laney CC...all night classes. No problem getting in as compared to DVC which is more impacted. Took pharm online at barstow cc and pathology at SBCC. check cuz a professor can make/break your class! Good luck!!


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Good to know that I can take my classes at multiple schools! I feel a slight weight lifted off my shoulders! :)