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best care training institute in jew jersey


Hi everyone i am new to this forum, i m taking the entrance test at best care institute in jersey next week and i wanna know know more about this school

is it a good school, the entrance test is easy or hard ? How many part ? And how long is the test ? Do they have financial aid ? Is it easy to get in to this school please help me

also i live in new york do you guys know a lpn with a easy entrance test around ny million thank you

I looked into almost every LPN program in New Jersey. I actually drove all the way up to East Orange to check it out and there's honestly better programs out there. I got there and automatically got that gut feeling of this place isn't good. Have you ever been there? It's disgusting! So disgusting it should be shut down! It's a total for profit school, so no financial aid... Not trying to discourage you but don't go there! Check out a local vocational schools or community colleges instead, those places also provide financial aid if you qualify.

Here's what other people had to say about the school:


Best Care Institute is by far one of the best nursing schools.I graduated recently and passed my boards at 85 cut off.I will not tell you that it is easy but the training provided will get you ready for boards.Let's put it this way almost everyone from my group passed. I am here to let you know that the teachers are caring and supportive and want to push you for the best.My fellow classmates and myself went through a lot,would we do it again? Absolutely ,when you go to Best Care you will be ready for boards and not just that but also to start any RN program. Word of advice this program requires a lot of time so any family support is necessary. But it is well worth it and once finished you will feel as though you are prepared for anything.

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want to give 4 stars

Hi. I am looking into attending best care also. I would like to know if they offer financial aid, and a little more about the store. Thank you