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Bergen community college prereqs

Jomezz Jomezz (New) New

Hello, I am looking into the nursing program at BCC and was wondering if anyone knew the exact courses I need to take before applying to their program? Thank you!!

It depends on if your apply for the day or evening program.

Nursing day requires chemistry, biology with lab and algebra from high school. The college substitution for these would be CHM 100, BIO 109 (anatomy and physiology, and MAT 035 or MAT 031/032.

Nursing evening is generaly the same with a few more prerequisites than the day program.

You will need to have taken CHM 100, BIO 109 and 209, WRT 101 and 201, PSY 101 (PSYCHOLOGY) and 106 (DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCH), SOC 101(SOCIOLOGY) and algebra.

All high school classes must have been taken within the last 5 years as well. I wasnt admitted this year because apparently my chemistry was not acceptable from high school

You can also find this information online if you google "bergen community college health profession entrance requirments" without the quotes of course. It should be a pdf file. Hope you got everything you need :)

Do you happen to know the minimum Chemsitry grade requirement?


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