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Bergen community college Hesi A2


hey, im getting ready to take the Hesi A2 exam for bergen community college and i was wondering what the class average for the fall 2012 day program is? also what can i expect on this test? i bought the evolve book and used it as a guide. my friend told me the average was 94?! i need someone to confirm this. HELP!!!

i just took the hesi last night and i checked after i took the test and the class average is a 77. but you have to take into consideration that includes all the people that did really well and all of the people that did poorly. you probably have taken the test already because yesterday was the cutoff, but the review book did not prepare me at all & i find that not fair at all. i got a 76 and i have a 3.8 GPA, i hope i get in but i know its very very very unlikely.

ive heard people get in with a 76. it all depends on what category you fall under. if your in county you have a better chance of getting in as appose to someone who is not in the county. im out of county so i have my fingers crossed. i agree the evolve book was a waste of money, i didn't think it was very fair of them to throw in anatomy questions in the biology portion. the vocab pulled me down but overall i ended up with an 85. i rather it have been a paper test instead a computerized one, i couldnt concentrate because there was always someone walking in or out and every 10 min one of the proctors would stand behind you to check on you. it wasnt what i expected at all. but chin up hopes up. you never know!