What kind of Benefits are offered to Nurses these Days?

Is there a pension plan?

What about health insurance?


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Benefit @ my Hospital include:

health & dental ins- approx $30 month for me and hubby

403b with a 4% max employer match- kinda like a 401k but pretax

cell phone discount- 25% off

pension plan? no sure if thats the same thing as a 403b

free annual heath screenings @ work - lipids, HGB A1c, CBC

tuition reimbursement: $5000 max per year if full-time (less if PT)

Pay for ACLS, BLSs, PALS and anyother cert that applies to RN

Self- scheduling - very flexible

Personal, vacation, & sick days. Number increases with years worked

I think that all I can remember


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I do home health with peds trach and vent and we are offered a mini med plan and dental, which I do not use because my husband has them at his work. I also have a 401k that I contribute to and my employer may also contribute, but have not seen that yet. So basically my benefits stink, but it is the trade off for no weekend or holiday req. Also I have to pay for my PPD and CPR and FLU shots which were always paid for when I worked in LTC. Hospitals sound more generous according to previous poster.

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