benefits.. how long until you got yours?


Since I've never been in the med community, I was wondering if hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities have the 3 months waiting period for benefits or if it is immediate. I would imagine they would provide nice benefits since you are working with the sick but I could be wrong. What was your experience? I'm sure everywhere is different.


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My hospital was 30 days after the 30th of the month I started total like 45 days for me. Really not too shabby, a few of the other local hospitals is 6 months!!! Can you say high turnover.

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One has to be careful about how long one has for gaps in coverage. Alot of policy's have pre-existing condition clauses that kick in if you have gaps longer than 60-90 days. So its prudent to sign up when you first start a job even if you have to wait, as the clock typically stops when you sign up not when the benefits start.


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