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Being a c.n.a!

Izzybrexx Izzybrexx (New) New

Peace everyone. My name is Izzy and I've been a c.n.a pushing 10 years!. I probably could of been a doctor by now.Lol!. Anyways I work for a Alzheimer's and dementia facility in Easton,pa.

Its a nice little spot.

Working as a c.n.a has definitely taught me a lot about reality and life. And that it's short. But that it can also be amazing!. See for me I grew up pretty impatient and worrisome. I never knew what compassion was or to even care for someone deeply before I became an aid.

This post is for every c.n.a who's developed those same feelings as I did. Thank you for being there for those who can't do for themselves. From working short to getting hit in the face and still give a smile afterwards. This is for those people who work crazy hard and receive no appreciation from the higher ups, Thank you!. We are the foundation of our field and we're constamtly mastering our craft so I say salute to you all male and female C.N.A!!


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