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I'm a 38 year old woman who is just starting college for the first time. I think I would like to become a nurse. First do you think I'm too old? Second should I start off in the schools C.N.A. program or sign up for the R.N. program from the start? Any fee back will be greatly appreciated.

Terri-- congratulations on your going back to school!!!

Lord, NO you're not too old to become a nurse!! When I went to school, and I went to a BSN program at a large university, there was a 60 year old woman in my graduating class!!! I always say, age is just a number, not what's in your heart!!

Since you've got the determination to go back to college at 38, I say go straight for the RN program!

GO FOR IT!! biggrin.gif

Good luck!! Let us know how you're doing...

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