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Im joining the AF. I've been to MEPS, interviewed and had credentialling process fulfilled. I'm getting ready to pass my application soon for the November board. Is there anything I should look for other than wish list, position and contracted years? I'm confident with my decision but don't want to miss out anything that could've easily been addressed and maximize what may be offered. Anybody know if there were any changes to the incentives offered? Do we get the specialty pay being offered? And what is the usual range? Thanks! Any advice is welcome! Have a family to look out for like many of us:)

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As of right now, no one knows what the incentives/bonuses are. You should not be offered this until you are officially accepted into the Air Force. Specialty pay is not offered unless they accept you into a certain specialty based on your experience and certifications. Also, position and contracted years is not set until you are actually accepted. If you are accepted, all of this information will be given to you by your recruiter and then you make the decision as to if you want to accept what the Air Force is offering you. There are no guarantees that you will be offered everything that you want.

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