Been having wrist pains flare up during work

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I've been having allot of wrist pains recently since I started working in a nursing home. It flares up whenever I move a heavy resident up in bed (most of the time I HAVE to do it myself, my coworkers hate helping out) and also when I hold I heavy resident on his side while I'm changing him.

At first I thought it was carpal tunnel since I used to have that it my right wrist, but that went away a year ago after I got a trackball mouse, and the pain has been in BOTH my wrists.

Has anyone else had this?


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I had the same problem, and i started noticing that I was using my wrists inappropriately... a LOT. I started making an effort to use my biceps and the problem went away.



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Yes. Use any aids or help that's available. If you have a big patient, get as many co-workers as you can to help. Ask your hospital to get you equipment if that's an option.

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Yep! I agree with fuzzy - you have to find ways to lift that don't put the strain on your wrists. If I have to scoot someone up in bed by myself and they are unable to help, I'll do so by either hugging them to me and pulling them up, or putting one arm under the shoulders and the other under the knees, lift slightly and scoot up.

When it comes to holding them over while changing, if possible, I roll them toward me rather than away from me. Then you can use your arm and body to brace them, rather than holding all their weight on your hand and wrist.