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Bedside Nursing and Pregnant


Hey all so I am currently 35 weeks with my first surro-babe (now measuring at 36) and work full-time nights on an increasingly heavy med-surg floor. My plan was to work right up until labor just as I did with my two keepers (38 weeks and 40 weeks) but I have been noticing that any intense movement of longer than 10 minutes I start to get really debilitating Braxton Hicks contractions that don’t stop until I lie down for a while. This is concerning because, again my floor is super heavy and it often requires constant movement and heavy lifting with minimal support staff. I’m not sure what to do at this point 😱 the thought of having to do admin/secretary work may be more painful than these contractions hahaha (kidding) but if I can’t work effectively through the pain do I really have much choice? Has anyone experienced this?