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Bed Bugs

by FerRN FerRN Member

Have any of you worked in a facility infested by bed bugs? If so, what precautions did you take to prevent bringing then home?

One day last week, all of our isolation carts had bed bugs in them. The isolation carts are managed by SPD, which is downstairs with our laundry. Our facility does laundry for another facility a couple of hours away, and I noticed on our intranet site that that hospital had revised a policy about bed bug management, so I knew that there had to be a problem if they had to address the policy.

In my hometown, there was a problem with the firehouses in the city being infested. The firemen would respond to infested houses, and bring them back to the firehouse. So I know there is a possibility of bringing them home.

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sometimes patients are admitted with infestation. The smartest thing is to wear gloves, just like you already know to do. Also, leave your shoes outside or put them in a box when you come home and remove your work clothes ASAP. Wash in hot water. There are probably websites telling you more.