Becoming a Nurse?


I am considering a career change to become a nurse.

Can anyone tell me once graduating with an Associates, how hard is it to get a position at a hospital in NYC? Is there a huge demand like everyone says?

What is the job like?

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Hi There! I'll try to answer your questions in the best way that I can...

How hard is it to get a position at a hospital in NYC?

--I just got a job where I live (Chicago) and I honestly think that for the next two years or so, hospitals in big cities such as Chicago and New York will continue to be saturated with ex-retiree nurses who had to return to work full time. This has made it very difficult for the nurses that graduated this year-including myself-and the competition was more fierce than trying to get into nursing school! I felt like I had to drop-kick-punch a few people in order to get noticed by Directors of Nursing! Of course, I resisted any violent acts as that would've disqualified me for any interview! Also, I work as a Psychiatric Nurse, so my take may be a little different than those who work in an actual hospital. However, once you get your degree, the economy will hopefully be better and you won't have as much trouble in getting the job you want.

Is there a huge demand like everyone says?

--There will ALWAYS be a demand for nurses, unless they find a way to make nurse robots and that would be just plain ol' creepy. However, the industry is sort of working like boy bands right now. Just as we don't want Hanson right now, but instead the Backstreet Boys, nurses are in demand if they're EXPERIENCED and not NEW. The harsh reality sucks, but we'll do a switcharoo once there's a huge crock pot of retired elderly folks. Then hospitals will want EVERYONE! Maybe even monkeys if they can learn to use their opposable thumbs! Extra Creepy...

What is the job like?

--It's not your average 9-5 job, that's for sure. It's a career in which you're constantly testing your limits and always learning new things; whether you want to or not. There are days where you feel like Mother Theresa and other days you feel like Oscar the Grouch. Nothing is ever constant except change, but in a way, that makes us better people because we don't have the option of complacency. As a Psych Nurse, I'm trying to understand the fragility of the human mind and why it can be such a curse at times. It's a joy and a sorrow all at once, but I wouldn't trade it for nothing. If you are really considering nursing, think about what it is that you want to accomplish and also think about your strengths. Are you hands-on? Are you intuitive? Do you like problem solving? Are you a people person? Can you adapt easily to different situations? Things like that. Actually, all of these characteristics are what embodies a good nurse; there's a lot more, but I don't want to boggle your mind!

So one day if you have free time, go to a Barnes & Noble bookstore, get a Starbucks drink, and hog the Nursing section for hours on end! That's what I did when I was considering nursing and it really helped. It also helps to know that once you get your degree and license, you can do ANYTHING since nursing is so grand and diverse! Don't limit yourself and have fun experiencing the fruits of your labor!

Good Luck on your decision-making!

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