Becoming a CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


hi all... i really need some info regarding how to become a [color=#cc0033]certified registered nurse anesthetist :uhoh3:. i going to start work in or (ortho and neuro )

i just finish my dip in nursing so now thinking of taking degree course

what are the prerequisites for entering a nurse anesthesia program ?

anyone can give me some info ? thank ~~


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You may want to use the search option on this website and perform a search using the key words "Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist" or CRNA. You can also check out the CRNA forum. Just click on the specialty tab above and look in Advanced Practice Nursing. There is a lot of information already on this website that will answer your question. All you need to do is search. Good luck.


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Skip the OR and get into an ICU--one that will give you lots of exposure to vents, titrating gtts, swans, and hemodynamics. The OR doesn't qualify for most CRNA programs as pertinent experience. In some cases ER might, but my experience has been that ICU is what they are looking for. Check out the CRNA and pre-CRNA threads under Specialty-->Advanced Practice.

Good luck.

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