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Beazley School of Nursing

Hi, this is my first thread. I am anxious about getting my pre-reqs completed to apply to the program. My biggest fear is not getting accepted. has anyone applied and been denied? after I am done with my fall semester and take the Hemis a2 I will be applying. I started TCC in 2009 and stopped going in 2011--dropping out of 3 classes(I recieved F's in them as a result), but now I have retaken 1 of them(had to pay out of pocket because I was on academic probation) and got an A and now taking the last two for fall. I hope that this shows how serious I am about the program. I am hoping also that my GPA jumps up from the 2.1 that I have now. all my other courses have A's and B's in them. I also my the physician that I worked with writting me a letter of recommendation. do you think all of this will help?? I am not a nurse or cna, but have worked in the medical field for 10 years doing the front end of things. any feed back would be great to make my package more competitive.


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