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BCTC LPN program Fall 2017

CicelyC CicelyC (New) New

Hi everyone!

Just trying to find some classmates in the BCTC Lesstown LPN program who are for sure starting this Fall! A little about me: I've been a CNA since 2014, worked at UKHealthcare for almost 2 years, completed and didn't pass my first semester of EKU's ADN and so taking the LPN-BSN-MSN-DNP (hopefully) route. I currently work full time as a makeup artist (yep pays more than a CNA lol) EKU was a great program, but my father fell gravely ill and my son was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in the SAME semester. So as you can guess I had a lot on my plate at that time. I also got sick with Mono and strep lol. It was a CRAZY semester.

I know that Nursing is what I want to do. ER/Travel/Women's health/Esthetics are my current interests. I plan to complete an online LPN-BSN after I'm done December 2018 God willing. I have a BA in Journalism/English and every done already pre-req for ADN/BSN programs in our area. GPA was what pushed me to do the LPN program ultimately. Please post if you will be joining me this semester and/or if you have been through the program and have any suggestions! :) Thanks and look forward to meeting you/seeing you in the Fall.


I will be joining you this fall! I am super excited to meet everyone. I am hoping to bridge to RN as well, so we may be seeing a lot of each other for the next few years. Have you bought your books yet? I am going to get mine this week.

Hi! sounds like a plan lol. I looked into doing the LPN to adn bridge online with Maysville CC - also a KCTCS school. Haven't bought books yet! I'm going to rent mostly with the exceptions of workbooks and Davis drug guide. If you want to look me up on Facebook I'm under Cicely Carter :). See you August 14th!


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