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BCIT September 2020 Intake

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Hey guys! 

I have been looking for a discussion for the new intake since I am looking into this as well. I'm planning to apply to UBC, KPU, BCIT and maybe Douglas.

I have a Bachelors of Science (Major in Microbiology and Biochemistry, Minor in Kinesiology and Certificate in Genomics) from SFU. My final cGPA is 3.91/4.33 I don't really have any related work experience (in the health care sector) but I have volunteer experience in administering HIV/HepC test, volunteer at resident homes which I just started, and a retail customer service experience (where I was assigned as the first aid attendant as well). And the others are research volunteers but I am not sure if I should put this on my relevant experience questionnaire.  

Since I graduated with a Bachelors, I was wondering if I still have to submit my high school transcript because I don't remember how I did it before.

But here are my post secondary marks:

Psyc : A-

A&P: A

English: A-

And then I have a bunch of courses I took during my degree. I'm not really sure how to calculate the my average for the pre-reqs for this. Can someone help me out LOL.

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