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BCIT NJ cancelled 2010 day classes due to Gov. Christie's budget cuts!!!

:mad:Just got a call today that BCIT in NJ has cancelled their day classes due to Governor Chris Christie's budget cuts ahhhh! I was supposed to start in May. For anyone interested in evening classes next year (part time, 2 years) it is still open. I could have started classes tomorrow at Lincoln Tech (even though I didn't really want to go there). Now what am I supposed to do. It's bad enough my kids won't have music or art in their classrooms because of cuts but now I can't even go to school to better myself, well I can if I spend more money on private school or if I wait a couple more years to get into an rn program.

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I just came from my sociology class where we were discussing this very same issue. It really hits home to see such an immediate consequence of these imbecile budget cuts. I'm so sorry that you are going through this and I wish for your future success. :hug:

I wondered why the day class got cancelled, i was going to do the night class, but now I'm reconsidering. I don't want that one to get cancelled too, and all the hospitals in my area are getting their magnet status so I would be forced to work in LTC, whick I don't want to do. By the time you spend 10k on a LPN to work in LTC you could spend the same amount and at least get an ADN from BCC, however like you said the wait list are crazy!It's sad LPNS are being pushed so far out of hospitals that soon no one wil want to spend money to become one adn ADNs will have to work LTC while BSN get to work in hospitals!


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