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hello everyone!

I am taking the TCS/2 exam for bayonne medical center school of nursing next month, I am reading a lot of posts that many people fail this exam? Has anyone taken it recently, for the 2009-10 year? Any advice on how to prep myself for it? i don't want to fail, please help.


I took it in March 2009. It's basically an IQ test. There is no way to study for it, either you're innately smart enough to pass, or not. Don't be nervous, just take it and see how you do.

hey thanks for replying!

so your saying i can't even brush up on vocabulary or practice some analogy questions at all? I guess i will have to be calm the day of and try my best

you can practice analogy questions if you really want to but it's the kind of thing where either you're smart enough to pass the test or you aren't. The vocabulary isn't real words. It's sort of a memory test, they give you a nonsense word, say it means a real word, then test you on how much you remember after a period of time. Learning real English vocabulary words is always a worthy endeavor just for your own personal knowledge base, but real words aren't on the test.

ohhh wow, i see what you mean. thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it. Are you enrollled in the school now?

Hey NursingLife, how did it go? Were you able to pass it? I will be taking it soon and im pretty nervous myself knowing that it can only be taken twice

Hello, I'm just curious how did your test go? the same questions you had, I have the same :/ like is there anything I can freshen up on? math, vocab, anything.... I'm nervous


the test is basically an IQ test. i bought some practice IQ test books and also found some online. the main and probably most difficult part of the test is the memorization. brush up on memorization skills.

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