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Baylor Residency RN 2017

by Jooheemim Jooheemim (New) New

Hey guys!

Is there anyone applied for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center residency program?

I applied BSWH at Grapevine a week ago but no response or no phone interview yet.

My application status is still "completed".

I do not know if I need to contact their nurse manager or HR?

Please reply any your experiences and your stories!!!

Actually I applied Parkland hospital residencies (summer 2017- med/surg, ER, surgical) too.

Also I just renewed my BCLS. Do I need to get ACLS done before apply internships?

FYI : I was an ADN graduated in Dec. 2013. Now I am a BSN graduated in Aug. 2015 and have an experience in local doctor's office as a RN for one year. ( I don't know it is counted for acute care experience T.T).

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I was talking to one of my friends that applied to Baylor and attended the webinar. Apparently in the webinar they said it would be 1.5- 2 weeks before you would hear anything back. They have a large volume of applicants so no need to worry or contact anyone just yet!

I heard back in less than 24 hours. But I also know a lot of people who haven't heard back yet. And yes, in the webinar.. recruiters informed us that about 2 weeks after submitting the application is when you will hear back.

I had clinicals at Baylor Dallas and know several nurses who works/worked at Baylor Dallas. Even though its the Big Baylor, a lot of nurses are unhappy there.

if anyone else knows a unit that nurses love there, please share! or any Baylor facility that are nurse friendly :)

Just saw this thread. I got the follow up interview invite few days after I applied. After that they scheduled a follow up phone interview, which is later today. I applied for the hospital in Plano

Is anyone applying for Baylor Dallas this week?