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Bay Area TEAS study group


I'd like to start a TEAS study group with people in the San Fransisco East Bay. I'll need to take the TEAS by the end of August. I'm an excellent student with a very flexible schedule, but I'd like a partner or study group to keep me honest, and to help make sure studying stays on the top of my priority list.

Any others in the same boat?

I live in the east bay and if its not too late ..I am interested!

Sorry, I just took the test on Saturday. My study buddy and I spent a hectic 10 days studying full time. I'd recommend booking plenty in advance for your testing session, and giving yourself a month or so to prepare. Collecting the names of a few tutors isn't a bad idea either. We used both a math tutor and a chemistry tutor. It was enormously helpful to have the math tutor go through with me problem by problem through the whole section. The science section we had down, except for the chemistry. Even though it's a small part of the science section, we felt uneasy about not knowing it well. A tutor helped greatly with that. Thank goodness, too, because I ended up with a lot of chemistry questions on my TEAS.

I also feel like it was important for me to start as early as possible. I have been procrastinating taking the test for about 9 months, with periods of studying on my own, or with the math tutor scattered around. I had read through the manual in a leisurely way before I crammed it. While setting a date and cramming turned out to be a motivator for me to actually take the test, two weeks is not enough time for someone who is looking at the material for the first time. I'd say three weeks is the bare minimum, and plan at least 60 hours a week studying. It was not fun, but if you've taken the prereqs, you'll know the drill.

My buddy and I did 10 hours a day, every day. She was not satisfied with her score, but was seeing the material for the first time as she was cramming it. (i should mention that she did get above the cut score for some of her schools; it wasn't a terrible score.) I got a score in the mid-80's, and felt very strongly that the extra time was what made the difference.

Hope this helps.

Hello Momalola,

Have you taken your TEAS exam? If you have not I wondered if you will still be interested to study together.You can e-mail me at ihkg74@hotmail.com .

Thank you