Barry University offering on-site BSN prg. at Baptist in Kendall, Fl


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Hello All. Is there anyone who knows info about the Barry University Nursing program conjoined with Baptist Hospital in Kendall FL??? Need to know if anyone has recently been accepted or info from new graduates. The school claims guareented employment when u complete the BSN successfully. Is this still the case? I'm living in Jersey now finishing up all pre-req's and really want to apply. But after reading all the horror stories of lack of work especially in FL I'm worried. Any advice anyone with info???


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I'm attending Barry in the Spring for their ABSN, however at their main school campus. Word on the street is they won't be doing much more of that Baptist Hospital joint thing because of budget cuts at Baptist, and even for the Fall semester they took a lot less students then they usually do.

Either way I chose not to apply for the Baptist Stars because I did not want to be forced into an employment position I did not like and contract myself down for three years. Check out the Barry website and also the Baptist Health website, they both should have information. :] Good luck.

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