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Hi all!

I'm new to this board, and looking to apply to Barry's Accelerated BSN program. I have my BSN in Business from Florida State University, and wanted to know from any current/prospective Barry students about this program. When is the deadline to apply? GPA cutoff? Do classes only start in January (spring term?) Also, do you have to be finished with your pre-reqs to apply, or can you be currently enrolled in the courses & still apply? I've found their website to be very vague, and appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks so much!!


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Hi SeminoleJenn,

I visited an adviser at Barry a couple months ago for the non-accelerated i would suppose the guidelines are somewhat similiar.I was told that the pre-reqs you MUST complete to get into the nursing school are those like the Anatomy, Physiology, Sociology..basically the sciences. The others classes can be completed during your program. However, I would call Barry and speak to an advisor, just to be sure. As for when the classes begin..I was told it was a rolling enrollment, meaning they do fall, spring, and summer.

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