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I'm looking to invest in a new anesthesia reference, but I'm torn between Barash and Miller. Which one do you guys like better? Thanks in advance.


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Miller - The Bible, sure, but can be a tough read for day-to-day information, when you just want to get the scoop and get on with studying.

Barash - a great intermediate between Morgan + Mikhail and Miller. Readable, yet thorough. Digs deeper than M+M, but doesn't give you the "um, what?!" that Miller can elicit.

I have Barash and M+M. Find myself reading the former more than the latter.


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I like Barash a lot. I especially like mini Barash. It is kind of a all in one little book. It seems to have a little of everything in there. It is also easy to transport. So it is good for easy referencing in the OR or class etc.

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