Balancing school and working the night shift?

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Hello everyone! I just applied for a position in the ER that is 5:00pm to 3:30am. Right now I am taking 2 online classes (not a big deal), but in the Fall I will be taking two lab classes (chem and bio, not online). If I was to get the this too much? It's not balancing work and school that I'm worried about, I know I can do that (I've been doing that for awhile!), but the hours concern me a bit...I do need to sleep. Can anyone speak from experience balancing school and working nights? Thanks a bunch :)

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Hey there! It's totally possible, you just have to have exceptional time management. I have been working a parttime night shift job and attending nursing school. Not saying that I'm not exhausted, because many times I am, but I managaed to get a 3.9 while working 11-7 shifts three times a week.

Just remember to sleep whenever you can... even naps help, and to have a little fun in there somewhere or you'll lose your mind. :)

Thank you so much! That does make me feel a lot better :) My time management is good and I don't even know if I'll get the job...but I just started stressing out about all of the "what ifs!" Thanks a bunch for your response!

Do-able! I work 10:30 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! LOL! You'll be fine! Do NOT stress, that is the main thing.

Pray, meditate, read a book, keep yourself sane.

I so agree with the do not stress comment above. If you can keep your self organized you will lower your stress level. The best thing for me is to plan out my week and block of work time study time and sleep oh and a little me time :).

Good Luck.

I agree it's doable. I've been working the noc shift, 11-715 and attending school for about a year now. In the beginning it was a bit stressful but I always reminded myself that others have and are doing it so it's not impossible. You just have to have good time management and get your sleeping pattern down and stick to it lol. I've been accepted to the BSN program for this fall. I now work the noc shift only on Fri and Sat. I got lucky and only have nursing classes on Mon and Wed. So I'll have Tues, Thurs, and Fri free to spend studying and I probably won't be picking up extra shifts at work. Also, at my job I have some down time so that's always good for studying.

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