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This is my last semester of pre-rec's and my application is in for next semester for the nursing program. I am taking 3 classes. Micro, English 2, and A&P2. My A&P 2 instructor has me in a real bad situation. This is a Friday only 6 hour class. This man has played us around this whole time. At first he wasn't teaching at all just passing out notes straight from the book and reading them back to us for the whole class period. :( So many people havce dropped the class we are down to 19 people and 1/2 of us are failing with D's and F's. So many of us have called the dean but he's no help, he hired the guy! Now 9 weeks later and my last 3 test I've gotten D's I have to get 83% on everything (acording to the teacher and our talk) from here on out to get a C. I'm so upset! I woke up in the middle of the night last night crying with an anxiety attack. After all our complaining he started a one on one hour with him Monday nights but I work at the hospital! And I can't aford to cut down my hours. I'm stressed to the max here. If I drop this class I'm going to be in real trouble with financial aid because I took a student loan this semester! I'm trying to juggle everything here and I'm comming up the looser.

I'm trying to juggle everything here and I'm comming up the looser.

so cut your losses and decide where the priorities lie. would cutting your work hours result in being kicked out of your home and decrease groceries? or would it knock out the extra movie and dinner each month? is it more important to work or to concentrate on A & P?

it's all up to you. not saying that the prof isn't part of the equation but accept and change what you can. you can only completely blame him after you have given it your all. good luck and i hope things get better for you.



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Wow, that is a tough situation. We had a similar incident this summer. The reg Micro teacher had a heart attack and they pulled in some junior high earth science teacher b/c there were ppl who HAD to take the class that summer in order to go into the nursing program.

Some ladies went to the Dean and he did nothing but act like they were hysterical women. So another one continued going to class. She recorded EVERY SINGLE minute of class. She took verbatim notes. She read the chapters IN DEPTH. She knew her stuff to say the least. (She was normally a 4.0 student who had already bombed his first test.) The test came and wham-o, another bad grade. She went in to ask him about the test and and pointed out in the book/notes/tape where she got the information and he still told her too bad.

She then went to the Dean with books, notes, and tapes in hand. She had post it notes in her book and notes marking the exact material that she had missed on the test, etc. The Dean finally listened. The teacher was not pleased at all and made snide comments to the whole class but he acted better and she passed the class.

Sometimes you just have to approach faculty in such a way that there is NO WAY that they can say you are wrong(learned this the hard way LOL).

I wish you tons of luck. I hope that you pass the class. :) ~twintoo

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