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I am hoping someone here can help answer this question for me. I am wondering what needs to be disclosed for background checks not only for the fingerprint card but also for the BON? Here's my situation, I was ticketed for underage cigarette smoking when I was about 13 years old. I didn't go to a regular court, but I did go before someone (judge?) who ordered me to take a smoking-cessation class and then it was expunged from my record (at least, this is what I remember). Obviously since I was underage, the record would be sealed as well, or I assume it would be.

I'm not sure if this is considered a misdemeanor? It was so long ago and I have no idea if it is something that would show up on a background check or if I should even disclose it on the fingerprint clearance app as well as the BON app once I get through school. My memory of the details of this event are so foggy because it was a very long time ago, is there somewhere I can check myself to see if it shows up when someone runs me? I don't mind disclosing it but I also don't want to unnecessarily raise red flags with the BON by bringing up something that wont be showing up when they check me anyways.

Thanks for any help.


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Depends on school and each state BON, one of my friends tried to apply one of the schools here in MI but he was rejected because of history of DUI but he was accepted to other school.

It's better to check with school you plan to attend and call the BON where you live or just simply check their website.

Lie to BON is not a good idea. If they find out, your license will be taken away. Same truth to school app. Tell them the truth. Some minor misdemeanor can be forgiven. Talk to them.

Good luck.

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