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Went to the doctor for some back and leg pain. Let has dull ache, also when I am laying on my back or go to bend over I will get a sharp debilitating pain and am unable to move for a split second. Upon examination the doctor was moving my hips and on the right side he said it was "popping in and out of socket". Anyway, they have done some x-rays but I was just wondering what you guys think this could possibly be. Thanks bunches!!:cool:


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What else did your Dr. tell you? Sounds like sciatic nerve pain to me. Any numbness and tingling radiating down the posterior leg? What did the x ray show??? When you find out please keep us updated.


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Thats exactly what it sounds like to me. I have been there and it is not fun. The only thing that was done for me was Pain management and some physical therapy. Also was put on meds... dont take them anymore. Only gets me sometimes now, not too often, but when it does start, it can be excrutiating.

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