Back to ICU?



I have not posted for a while. I need to ask for your wise opinions...

I was working in a CCU about 6 mo ago, but was working WEO nights. I adopted a baby, and that started to not work so well for us (single mom).

I took a desk job (M-F, no weekends or holidays) in May and left bedside nursing. Now, I think (OK, I pretty much know) that I want to go back to the hospital part-time. I got married this month and would like to spend more time with my child, and we want another.

My question is, do you all think I should try to do a fellowship or something like that, or just a good orientation in order to get me back up to speed? I was certainly not one of the most experienced nurses in the ICU, anyway, since I had about 2 years in critical care.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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