BA to RN programs???

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I have a BA in English from SUNY Oswego and in the summer of 2004 I will have completed the 1 year program in surgical technology from Onondaga Community College. I want to go to my RN but am dreading putting in yet 2 more years of education. Is there somewhere in NY where I can get my RN in less than 2 years with the kind and amount of education I already have?


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Since you have a BA you should go for an AccBSN program. I know that NYU has one as does SUNY Stoneybrook (this prgram is 12 months long). Go to and they list AccBSN programs but not all of them so go to the websites of schools that offer a BSN and then look if they have or will start and AccBSN program. Just so you know, AccBSN programs are really demanding and most require that you do not work while you are in the program.

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